Die Heilige Ente (The Sacred Duck)
(Opera) A play with gods and men. In a prelude and three acts
Text by K.M.Levetzow and Leo Feld, Opus 15, (1920)

Soli: 2 sop,1 alto, 3 ten, 2 bar, 2 bass; Mixed Chorus; Orch: 3(picc),3(cor),3(D-cl,bcl),3(cbn); 4,3,3,1; hrp; cel; timp; perc; str.; 2 scenes
Duration: full evening'
Publisher: Universal Edition
score and parts available for hire

Gál's essay 'On the problem of comic opera' of 1927 doesn't mention his own operas but is especially enlightening about his relationship to his textual material and could be applied in its entirety to his Heilige Ente :
"Comic opera only has a genuine potential for effect (it can by its very nature make no use of the naturalistic device of an exciting and brutally nerve-wracking plot), when it is also capable of arousing a strong emotional reaction. Comic as well as serious opera must be able to do this. For this it needs - the most obvious of all platitudes! - music. Genuine, heartfelt and original, sung and inspired music! And now comes the creative secret of the dramatically sensitive musician: he must have material which grips him in order to produce something which is in turn gripping... One thing seems clear to me: the only thing that can release creative energies in an artist, if he really is one, will - in the field of comic opera - not be a silly farce or a witty parody, be it ever so clever, but a character comedy, dealing with genuine, deeper human themes. The heart of all genuine musical drama lies in what is human..." [ Musikblätter des Anbruch IX, Vol. 1/2, pp. 91-2, 1927]
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