for organ, Opus 29, (1928)
Introduction, Theme with four variations, Fugue

Duration: 15''
Publisher: Simrock (1928), now Boosey & Hawkes
Available from Boosey&Hawkes: in print (M221115294)


This work represents the only work for solo organ by the Austrian composer Hans Gál who took up a teaching post at the University of Edinburgh in 1945. The work was composed in 1928 and originally published by Simrock (Berlin). Gál laid out the work in three broad sections. The first ("Allegro") employs a tune in quarter notes in the top voice over brilliant sixteenth-note figuration in the left hand. Further working out of this material eventually gives way to a brief Andante. The final section is a sophisticated fugue that begins slowly ("lento tranquillo") and builds in speed and intensity to a tumultuous close. Midway through this section Gál combined the fugue subject with the Andante theme. Whether this seldom performed work will take its place in the repertoire remains to be seen. However, the re-publication in this edition at least lends hope that it will receive more well-deserved performances.' [Dr. Charlotte Kroeker: Resources for the Parish Organist,].
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